Changing the World From women leading the in the corporate world, to taking leaps in bounds across the workforce such as the NBA, we can say the world is changing. Even in corporate America tattoos are starting to make their way as being acceptable as they shouldn't define how well a person can do their job based … Continue reading Changing the World

More Power! As more and more individuals are working from home due to Covid-19, one thing has still remained the same and that is work must continue. From laptops to desktops, iPads to Tablets, phones to gaming systems, everything that is attached under the massive category of technology has to run efficiently and fast. If there … Continue reading More Power!

Balancing Life Balancing life and work can seem like a circus act. You wake up each day maybe tired from prepping for a big presentation or if you are in school, you may be studying for a big exam coming up; nevertheless each day is a balancing act. If you ever have seen an individual doing … Continue reading Balancing Life