Changing the World

From women leading the in the corporate world, to taking leaps in bounds across the workforce such as the NBA, we can say the world is changing. Even in corporate America tattoos are starting to make their way as being acceptable as they shouldn’t define how well a person can do their job based on what’s on their skin. We are seeing technology take us places we never thought such as the first private organization getting a rocket on its way into space.

As we move past old trains of thought such as the colors of our skin, where we come from and how much money we make. We are headed towards a more progressive and healthy lifestyle with many other changes in the world.

From top business owners to the local food truck, business owners are starting to become more acceptable and willing to show what on their skin. Tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable as they show a different side of a person from the expertise in their field of operation to the artistic side of the human body and the tolerance for pain. Even at Pure Heart Designs, the owner has many tattoos and never is afraid to hide them, especially in the corporate world.

Some may see it still as an act of rebellion or a way to judge someone because of the pain/ mutilation to the body. I know when I got my tattoos they all meant something very near and dear to my heart and I wanted people to see the side of me that I may never mention to them.

In the image above, I know if I was sick or in pain and the woman was helping me, I wouldn’t think twice of what she looked like, the color of her skin, the tattoos on her body. I would view her as a professional in her field of expertise and nothing else. Not only is that mindset becoming the industry standard, things are changing as well across the world such as in technology.

In the world of technology the way we operate on a day to day basis has changed dramatically thanks to Covid. If you’re like me where the business world never stops, being able to reach clients for demos, webinars/meetings and day to day questions, you need a way to connect fast. Thanks to Microsoft Teams we are able to send instant messages to each other, schedule webinars/meeting without physically meeting.

Being able to work on a desktop and now mobily thanks to the new Apple iPad, it gives us flex-ability to continue with our busy life schedules. It even allows us to interweave our work with our lives rather than adjusting our lives to work. Many new things are on the way for us as we continue to make changes in our world and here at Pure Heart Designs we embrace the change.

We hope you look to us as we plan to give you our best as we bring your ideas to life, even the world changing ideas no matter how different they are.

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