Technology Tips

Since we have been home due to the pandemic, I know for a fact that my work life depends on good internet speed and the tools necessary to handle the demand. Now if you like me you don’t have a server room, that is room temp controlled with insane internet speeds and capabilities, but one can only hope. Today we will talk about some of the little things you can do if you find your internet speeds dropping or if you just want to get the best out of your hardware.

Let’s talk hardware first. At home depending on your internet setup you may have a router/modern combined which is usually provided by your internet provider. For most that don’t consume internet that much here are some tips:

  • Remove devices that use their own internet provider such as phones, iPad/Tablets, etc to allow internet speeds to flow easier to the needed devices
  • Have linked devices use bluetooth rather than wifi for connectivity
  • Place the modem/router in either the room that will consume most wifi/internet or place it in the center of the house/apartment if available
  • Ensure you have WPS security enabled on your internet to avoid unwanted guest on your internet
  • Connect the devices to the modem/router via a cable for internet, such as a computer, gaming system, etc..
  • Be sure to reboot your device every 2 weeks for those who don’t use too much internet to allow the system to reset which can improve internet speeds

For those that use internet to live and breathe as I do, from TVs to gaming systems, Computers to iPads, multiple phones to alarm security, having fast internet speeds is a must. Lets take a look at some more advanced tips:

  • Having an personal router that exceeds the output of the internet providers
  • Clearing your history across your devices and removing any cookies from sites tracking you
  • Reseting your router every week (but every 2 weeks is just as efficient)
  • If your router is able to split the wifi bands, then separating devices such as phones, alarm systems that don’t neccessarly need a strong signal.
  • Connecting devices that require high speeds of internet to be hard wired (using an ethernet cable)
  • Having a security passcode on your wifi
  • Using a wifi extender if able
  • Removing devices that don’t need wifi too often

Now if you don’t know what the image is above, I’ll let you know. Its fiber optic cables connected to a modem. Now if you’re new to internet and how it works, the easy way to explain it is that fiber optics is high speed internet compared to the internet that most may have (co-axle cable internet). Now don’t get me wrong they both are reliable but when it comes to speed, fiber optics has cable beat. Simply upgrading your internet type can help give you faster speeds when looking up the recipe on youtube as you prepare to impress your guests. Again these are just some simple technology tips that can help you get the best out of your service but look into your products and see what is the best options for you in your case.

These tips can help you resolve some minor issues and get you back to the high speed internet to handle what the at home work life may bring, or the personal company. Stay tuned as Pure Heart Designs is hoping to soon review the apple iPad pro that will hopefully be a new game changer when it comes to designs.

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