Illustrator Tips & Tricks

I know now that I am an adult, I can always say if there is a way to make my life easier and get back my personal time then I’m all for it. The same can be said when it comes to graphic design as making a logo can be time consuming but knowing the ins and outs of the tools you have can save you a significant amount of time.

If you don’t know the program Adobe Illustrator, it’s a program that allows you to create a multitudinous amount of images that are vector based. You do everything from simple drawing to immersive artwork that is detailed to the tee.

Being able to use shortcuts to get the images you want, or to make certain shapes will ultimately help you in the long run plus help you design faster. For an example rather than drawing out every line to make the intended design, with the help of shapes and the shape-builder tool, you can easily make the needed shape.

Another handy tool is the fact that you can preform the zoom in and out buttons with out having to mess with the manual scroll bars on the sides and bottom. On a mac you can easily hold down the “option” key while using the scroll wheel on your mouse or using your finger on a magic mouse. You can slide over or grab a section of the art-board you are trying to focus on by holding the space bar and then drag + click where you want to go.

Knowing your tools and the keys associated with those will help you keep your eyes focused on the artwork without having to look down all the time. Just like driving and shifting gears. You want to always keep your eyes on the road and minimize the amount of time you look down at the gears, but we all start someone.

Id recommend you check out some of the tutorials on youtube to enhance your illustrator skills in order for you to become familiar with your tools and maximize the potential you have. If you are interested in hearing more, please check out some of our other blogs. In the next few weeks we will hopefully be doing a review on the possible new iPad pro so make sure you stay tuned!

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