User-Friendly Interface

From the phones we use everyday to the many website/apps we use they all have one thing is common. A User Interface, but if they are all the same why do different companies providing the same service or products have better user traffic? Let’s look at some of the ways on why a user-friendly interface can make or break your organization.

“If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likeable person: respectful, generous and helpful.”

— Alan Cooper, Software Designer and Programmer

Recently I was preparing to cook a dish for some friends and I wanted to check the recipe to ensure I was following it correctly. When I went to look up the recipe, I was bombarded with numerous advertisements, when all I wanted to see was the ingredients. Not to mention they put the recipe and the instructions at the bottom of the page so you are forced to scroll all the way past the long personal story and numerous advertisements. I can say personally this was an example of a bad user interface as it was difficult to get the information I needed.

The key to a good user-interface is to make point A to B easy to get to with a reachable point C at any point. If you think about it we are all different in the way we think and operate, which is why an interface needs to be able to adjust without over complicating the user experience.

Just as in the example of the recipe experience, the user experience was not providing that optional way to skip to the ingredients therefore I had a bad experience. In the world of the food industry, customer experience is vital to a business success. Even if the food is subpar the service and experience can sometimes compensate for the food.

These ideas play a role in all aspects. This is why setting up your website with a good user-interface can literally make or break your organization. It can be the deciding factor from the consumer selecting your product over the competition. This can even result in the customer deciding to never visit your website again based on a poor interface. In the world of technology, things evolve everyday and so should your site. It should be able to account for the different platforms and overall ease of use to get to point A to B with the optional point C. To find out more ways be sure to check out or future blogs.

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