Staying Organized

Last year was a bit chaotic to describe it at best. Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball and mess up all your plans. Here at Pure Heart Designs we aren’t going to let that be the excuse for 2021, as we always like to stay organized. Now is the time to get organized if you aren’t before the next curve ball comes our way.

Staying organized is something that can be done by anyone and it has its perks. In graphic design, working on logos can become very time labor some if you become unorganized with your layers in Adobe Illustrator. Making sure each layer or object have some sort of naming convention can save you time such as when you are needing to make minor edits, or remove certain aspects. Not only in the design aspect, but the professional aspect of being unorganized with the clients. Failing to meet their deadlines or failure to have work done for checkpoints will cause the client’s trust to dissipate. Making sure you get those key dates on a calendar or organizer will help you focus on the designs you have and those key dates for sending in artwork to the client/customer.

Let’s look at another aspect, right now many individuals and companies are working on their taxes and if you haven’t started you might want to get on it before they are late. Making sure you have your W-2 forms in or sent out if your an organization, any documentation needed to ensure you file correctly can easily become a giant hurdle if you are scrabbling to find all that needed information and numbers. Not to mention if you fail to miss certain deadlines with your state that can mean more fees or late fees on certain forms.

Here at Pure Heart Designs we like to get everything on the calendar whether it an import deadline for a client to our own birthday. Sometimes life happens so fast and being pulled in multiple directions can cause you to forget to block off time for your future events. We know time is important and something we can’t get back so making sure we are available for you and your needs is a priority for us. That is why we look at the calendar all the time and plan to meet multiple times if needed to allow for some rescheduling to happen and be accounted for.

We also take into effect the amount of clients we have to ensure each design get the attention it needs and is not rushed as this is something special in our eyes. We want to make sure you are always getting the best so if you are looking for a design we will make sure we have block off enough time to account for a design from the heart.

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