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Welcome to the Pure Heart Designs Blog, where the I the owner Tony Gonzalez will talk about the insights and viewpoints Pure Heart Designs has on different topics such as technology, my approach to designing and work ethics. 

Having 3+ years of experience putting together designs, website aspects, ease of system functionality for clients and customers helps backup our claim of expertise. I have been working throughout my life with various client systems, learning how they function and the limits they have to help us and the client stay ahead of the competition. This plays a crucial key as we all know how fast technology changes. That approach is the same way we look at designs. Understanding as many tools as I can, ultimately helping the client as I strive to give you the best design with the most cutting edge technology out there. 

I have worked with more than 300+ clients making their small business systems easy to use, and understand. This is same aspect I use when designing. Here at Pure Heart Designs, we want to make a design that you the client will ultimately love and your prospect customers will understand and love as well.

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If you would like to reach out to us you can by filling out the contact form on the Contact Us  page, emailing me at tony.gonzalez@pureheart-designs.com  or give me a call at (210) 592-3121