More Power!

As more and more individuals are working from home due to Covid-19, one thing has still remained the same and that is work must continue. From laptops to desktops, iPads to Tablets, phones to gaming systems, everything that is attached under the massive category of technology has to run efficiently and fast. If there is a delay in any of the platforms previously mentioned it can feel as if we are in a stone age whether we are trying communicate to one another, finish work on an important project or even looking up how to cook up a new dish. In order to receive the ultimate speed its going to require more power just as how most things work in this world. In the world of technology more power is something that is always being requested, which is why Pure Heart Designs is excited to see the reveal of the new iPad Pro that is being rumored to have just that, more power!

With more power comes more power, or something like that.

In all honesty, we are hoping the rumors are true that Apple is going to upgrade the old processor to a 5-nanometer-based A14X processor. Pretty much that means faster speeds and processor allowing you to work on projects that require a decent amount of power to function smoothly. Here at Pure Heart Designs the iPad Pro, with the new potential processor speeds will allow us to be transitioning from desktop, to both desktop and mobile design for on the go ideas. Being able to open the Adobe products on the iPad Pro will allow more a more relaxed way to design on the go and make quick changes with out having to be attached to a desktop space. With the ability to save project to the cloud, projects can easily transfer over to the designers preference.


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