Balancing Life

Balancing life and work can seem like a circus act. You wake up each day maybe tired from prepping for a big presentation or if you are in school, you may be studying for a big exam coming up; nevertheless each day is a balancing act. If you ever have seen an individual doing yoga before you might think at first it looks easy, but when you actually begin, you will find its very hard yet some make it look very easy and peaceful. This is almost a direct translation of how we as kids used to view life as an adult. It looks easy, but when you become an adult it can be fairly challenging from worrying about when your rent/mortgage is due, what are you going to eat, what time was that meeting, I forgot to be at my child sports event and the list goes on and on.

Nobody has the same path but that doesn’t mean you’re alone to face the world by yourself. Just as a yoga instructor will help guide you to reach the correct position you are supposed to be in, friends and family can also be of some help to get you back on track. Parents/elders even your boss can provide you with help as you listen to some of the challenges they faced and have overcome. This also allows you to build trust and bonds with those you open up to. Maybe some of your co-workers are available to help you prepare for that project or help review your work. Maybe some of your peers know of a quicker way to solve a problem of dilemma you are in, which can help create bonds over time.

One of the biggest challenges we as the human race are currently challenged with is the dreaded Covid-19, which has become a serious threat. Even though we all my be experiencing different paths of life currently this virus has put business to a steamy holt, nations on lockdown and forced companies to rethink the way we communicate. As if life wasn’t already hard enough, now a global pandemic. Thanks to many brave men and women we have been able to find a cure and hopefully put an end to this dark period of no socialization. Even here at Pure Heart Designs we had to rethink how are we going to communicate with our clients and still provide stellar customer service.

Thankfully, technology has been there to help fill the temporary gap. Here at Pure Heart Designs we were able to use some of the handy products such as Microsoft Teams, which allows us to quickly communicate, share ideas, collaborate, and have video calls with our clients. When ever we get a chance we like to turn on our cameras and see each others smiling face as we look forward to day when things can go back to normal.

-Owner, Pure Heart Designs

All in all, life is a juggling act. Do the things that make you happy and try to give it your best everyday you can. From baby steps into learning yoga to big leaps for that new position you may be working for. Sometimes its good to just take a breath, enjoy the good things and get back on track. For more insight on the things going on here at Pure Heart Designs, feel free to subscribe to our blog/site or leave a comment. We love to hear from our clients and love meeting new individuals.

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