Video Background Trend

Technology keeps evolving right before our eyes and so do we as humans. From cell phones that could give you a basic phone library and minimal functionality, they have given way to smart phones that now give you the power of the internet, gaming, virtual reality and live video. These changes have been made within 20 years and continue to push technology through some profound leaps and bounds. From our palette of taste to the things that bring us happiness we as humans, we are consistently changing things up and trying to see what’s around the corner. Even here at Pure Heart Designs, we look at the trends that are happening from website designs and new styles of image editing. We previously mentioned the tools such as the Adobe Suite and Apple Products are some of the tools we use for our clients to have the best designs. The focus on user experience is something we take serious to make sure when you visit our website, there is a balance from the information provided and the contrast of complementary media. One new trend that is starting to make waves across various websites and platforms is the use of videos. A perfect example is the Apple Website when they showcase a new product. They add animation and video of the product in use to allow its customers to fully grasp the products immense capabilities and qualities. Another site such as Xbox does a brilliant job of video animation showing the high def quality of its products and its sophistication. The trend of photos becoming high quality as the baseline, and the implementation of 4k media on sites is somewhat the standard of what a decent website should have as well as ease of use for the clients and customers. These changes can help bring life to a dead website, or can significantly enhance it. Being able to capture viewers the instant they visit your page is step 1 in showcasing your site and the abilities of your organization. An example could be if you are a business that specializes in wood work, being able to show the craftsmanship in progress can be the deciding factor for a potential customer. Here at Pure Heart Designs we want to emulate those same factors and look forward to the days we can showcase some of our work in progress.

Source: Distill. (2016, July 4). Man Drawing on a Piece of Paper. Pexels.Com.

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