Apple Products

Ever since Apple products have came into the market, they at least to me have become a game changer. From the different approach they take, from the cutting edge technology to just the overall ease of use for the consumer. Now it seems like the products they are creating are still embodying those factors with an approach for graphic design. Some of those power house tools are the iMAC, iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro. They offer compatibility for use of the Adobe Suite and display brilliantly on Apple products. New additions such as the Apple Pencil continue to be game changes and add to the wide range of skills that can now be done on the go. Apple is set to release a new iPad Pro based on some simple searches throughout the internet so we here at Pure Heart are looking forward for new tools to use here with our process.

Image Source: Sorenson, J. S. (2018, August 18). Turned on Ipad. Pexels.Com.

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